My name is Anurag Suvarna, I was born and brought in Bombay the financial capital of India. I have completed my Bachelors from Mumbai university in India and currently I’m in Auckland to successfully complete a Diploma in business majors in Marketing from Unitec Institute of technology.

I have 5 years of work experience, which includes working for three multinationals involved in various sectors starting from telecommunications, logistics & bpo. After completing my graduation, I helped my dad in the family business of hospitality for a few months. Thereafter I joined an Australian telecommunication firm which had its process outsourced in India. Working for Australian firm helped understand people from different culture and develop my communications skills. Working for DHL Global forwarding helped to know the volume of trade that a massive freight forwarding giant like DHL can handle, various customs formalities and documents required in the process of forwarding goods.

As it can be seen from my work experience, I have always changed the industry when changing my job. Being open to change is what I personally believe in, as change is the only constant thing in life. Marketing is a new field for me but I have started enjoying, as the course is helping to explore myself and the skills that I have to the fullest.

My purpose is to enter the marketing team within the telecommunications industry. Creating awareness among people about the need for telecommunications. Trying to get the world closer by marketing quality products and services. Making telecommunications available even within the remote parts of the world.

Providing true information, enabling organisation to work as a team. Proper flow of information among different markets. Providing awesome customer service and focusing on improving the net promoter score for the company (NPS).

My ability to gel in with new people and be a great team player.

My values as a person.

I consider success not as winning or achieving but learning new things, because learning is a never ending process. So whenever I learn something new its success for me and I try learning new things everyday.


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