Potent ways to use Facebook for Marketing.


Facebook continues to be the #1 social media site where friends connect, view and share content. More than just a place to connect with friends and family Facebook has proven to be a desired place for business’s to market themselves. The size of the business does not matter, from corporate giants to sole traders everyone is trying to market themselves on Facebook.

Every business is in a race to reach out its target audience and telecommunication companies are no exception. Its easy to create a business page and keep posting the updates on the business page. Here are some of the improved ways to market and to reach out to the target audience on Facebook.

Experimenting with the time of posting content:

Ideal time of posting is during normal business hours. But a large portion of audience miss the post as there are 18+ million business pages competing to share the news feed space. So changing the posting hours to early morning 5am – 9am and 10 pm to 12 am and tracking the result by analyzing CTR. If there is an increase in no.of clicks then its better to try with a mix of odd and normal hours to post content.

Involving followers with new product launch:

Its is always suggested to have feedback from followers after introducing a new product in the market. Before launching or making available the new product company’s promote it on their page which helps them to figure out the demand. As done by Vodafone the launch of I-phone 6 was posted on their page. They personally congratulated customers who brought the product from Vodafone.

tlbp6 Hosting Contest:

Introducing new offers and running contest are other improved ways to keep the followers interested on the business. Once a lead starts following a particular brand they look for new content every time they check the page. As rightly practiced by Vodafone by introducing weekly offers providing free movie vouchers.


Focused Group Action

A new feature of Facebook is “New Group” Chat featured for closed group or secret chat, one to many communication channel. There are different ways of performing focused group action ;

Consumer review group: Instead of asking for consumer review on the page, its better to create a private group or chat and invite the customers to provide feedback.

Event group: Before organizing an event its better to create a group and invite people. Its better to let people know about the event in advance.

Live chats: it has always been advised to be interactive with the followers. Marketers must introduce prominent figureheads of the company to have a live chat with followers.

 These are some of the ways to create groups and build brand equity.


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