Being smart and effective on Twitter.

Many people misjudge Twitter as a place just to increase number of followers on the account, but that’s not true. Being successful with marketing on Twitter is about reaching to the right audience i.e. having the followers which are your target audience. Getting the right audience to engage and follow you is a time consuming process but it increases the credibility.

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“Follow Me” is what you ask for on Twitter, by which marketers try to create brand image, providing new content and interacting with followers. But Twitter chat can boost marketers normal efforts, which will help introducing themselves to hundreds of potential lead.

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A post by Lauren Dugan helps to setup SMART goals-setting on Twitter. SMART has a different meaning in our routine life, but as per our purpose it means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound to help you define Twitter goals that work. This method helps marketers to understand that goals should be measured, are attainable and should have relevance as it will help nurture leads developed. Just as newsletters provide content which helps the audience to get themselves educated, even twitter can work as a way to nurture leads by providing valuable content on time to a mass audience.

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While setting up goals for Twitter the overall objective of the team and management should be considered. Goals should not be only number oriented like about getting 1000 followers. Instead it should be to have followers who value and share the content created, which turns out to be a positive word of mouth for the business.Focussing on existing followers reaching out to them will help a business know what additional service or information is required.

Once you have a clear picture of the goal, working towards it effectively is the next step. Depending upon the goal set whether it is to generate new followers or providing service, every step should take you towards your goal. Every tweet that you make should be in relation to the set goal which will help to measure the milestones covered. Social media as whole including Twitter is about developing long term relation with the audience.


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