Optimising your website for mobile is a priority.


Developing a mobile site or an app is entirely different as compared to designing a desktop website. In a blog posted by Greg Sterling which says, more google searches take place on a mobile device than on desktops in ten countries including USA and Japan.


Due to increasing number of smart phones users, it is important for business’ to develop a mobile friendly website or an app. Prior to the launch of apple’s first I-phone mobile websites or app’s were not on the priority list for marketers. Using their smart phones people try to seek information from the internet whenever they get time for eg; while travelling, sitting at the doctors office or while eating.

According to a post by Spark New Zealand 60% of US Millennials believe everything will be done on a mobile device in the next five years and 87% say their devices never leave their side as shown in the below graph. Average monthly data usage on an individual mobile device is increasing at a very high rate with an estimate to reach 5 GB by 2019.

TLBP   #3

Smart phones users love social media, like to have updated apps and love mobile friendly websites. So in order to case the increasing smart phone users it is essential for the business’ to have 1) social media presence 2) Developing and updating the existing App 3) Mobile friendly website.

People are using their mobile devices increasingly to shop online than ever before. To buy credits, top-up data or to pay bills online, telecom companies have made it easy for its customers by developing apps and mobile friendly websites. Telecom service providers have been working hard to update their mobile websites and app with heaps of product knowledge to help their customers choose the right product.

Below articles will help you find more on why optimising your website for mobile is important.

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