Developing segment focused content to reach target audience


As we all know its not an one-size fits all list, its good to create segment focused content to direct the product to the right target audience. Large and diverse industries varying from B2B, B2C and different demographics makes it difficult for the marketers to understand the various audience segments. Buyers have short attention span and endless options, not all content appeals to every audience. Having a target focused content helps the customer to know about the product  or the service that the customer is seeking.

Being aware of the fact that reaching the segment audience and delivering the right message to the right audience segment at the right time will serve the purpose. As practiced correctly by the Virgin mobile marketing team in an attempt to target the youth. The age group of 18-24 years who never wanted high monthly charges on voice and data usage, as a survey shows near 78% of teenagers have a mobile device out of which 43% have smart phones. As most of the time is spent over data rather than on voice usage, Virgin mobile introduced prepaid plans, which strategically hit the market by introducing low usage on voice and provided more data for use on mobile plans.


Different types of market segmentation such as geographic, demographic, price lifestyle helps the marketers to create content that enables drive maximum traffic. Since, different people have different usage. For example, people of older generation would not be using as much broadband as people of the younger generation. Families with teenagers would be using more data as compared to individuals. Telecommunications industry has now understood that market segmentation is an important part in order for them to sustain in the market. The introduction of Naked broadband packages have suggested, that most of the people now a days do not prefer a standard telephone connection for internet and prefer just the internet. As telephony demands can be substituted by other products like VOIP.


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