We have heard the term content marketing, but what is it that makes it different from other forms of marketing which the organisations are already doing. Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content of a product or service in order to attract and convert a prospect to a potential customer then to a repeated buyer.

Before 10 years or a decade ago marketing involved having a big team dedicatedly cold calling people, sending mass email which either went into the trash box or got deleted. Calls generally got disconnected or prospects registered themselves on the DND list which made it hard for the marketers to reach out to the target audience. Whereas content marketing has totally changed the potential buyers perspective and their buying cycles.

Traditional marketing consumed less time to sell a product, as it was easy to gauge after cold calling wether prospect is going to be the potential customer. Content marketing on the other hand is a time consuming process but once good content is created it has a long life and without spending any further on it will keep delivering desired results for the business. These days prospective buyers do not like to be disturbed by unwanted calls or emails they prefer to do their own research online focusing on their requirement and make a decision, this shows the importance of having the right contents available online. It is vital for business to always have optimum content updated in any digital or print media.

Therefore, I firmly believe content marketing has revamped the marketing strategy in a number of different ways, and in todays age its not a want its the need of the hour.

Some of content marketing types are Infographics, memes, case study, blogs and more..

content marketing graph






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